Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal




Milesman Compact uses the latest Diode Laser Hair Removal technology, providing medical grade treatments in a robust, powerful & portable platform.

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Milesman Compact is the result of 5 years of continuous research between universities and high-end engineering companies from Germany, Spain and United States.


Weighing in at just 9kg, Milesman Compact is the only diode laser to effortlessly combine power and portability and can even be carried safely as flight hand-luggage.


Thanks to the absence of a “hot spot” we are able to deliver high energy and eliminate patient discomfort as well almost all of the usual side effects.


The new VCSEL technology distributes the energy homogeneously along the spot, eliminating the “hot spot” or “tack effect” that is a common feature in most previous technologies.



High Power



In just 5 – 7 sessions, over 2 – 3 months, Milesman Compact disables stem cells & hair is permanently removed.


Other low-power Lasers require over 9 sessions to only partially disable stem cells, meaning the hair will return.



No Consumables

No flash lamps, no filters, no water tank needed to be filled with distilled water.

No Heat

Thanks to the “cold diode” technology the treatment room is kept to a normal room temperature.

High Power

The only powerful and portable laser on the market. Just 9 kg. It can be easily transported.

All skin types

Milesman Compact efficiently treats all skin types including tanned and black skin.


The laser barely makes any noise, this offers a nice peaceful treatment to the operator and patient.

Long diode life

The high efficiency of the diode bars, extend the diode life up to several million shots.



VCSEL Technology



Using VCSEL technology, the energy is distributed uniformly across the skin area, which creates greater efficiency & less percieved pain.


Lasers without VCSEL technology, the energy is concentrated in the centre of the skin area, resulting in pain, irritation & risk of burning.


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Technical Specifications


Wavelength 810nm
Repetition Rate
(Shot by Shot Mode)
1 to 8Hz
Repetition Rate
(Sweeping Mode)
Spot Size 10 x 10mm
Maximum Fluence 30 J/cm2 at 30ms
Pulse Width 1 to 150ms
Power 2000W
Laser Dimensions (WxDxH) 350mm x 420mm x 230mm
Laser Weight 9kg / 19lb
Power Consumption 0,4Kw/h


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